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Essential information

Acrylic Fingernails

Acrylic fingernails are extremely tough. They are ideal for fashionistas who do a lot of work with their hands. Discover here how easy it is to design and model acrylic nails.

Black Nail Files

Some comestic studios like to use black nail files becasue it looks really exclusive and elegant to file the nails with a beautiful black file. The quality is still the same compared to white or pink nail files. Just the colour is changed.

Builder Gel

A high-quality builder gel is a guarantee for beautifully designed nails. Learn more about the purpose of gels and how to use them, and discover gels with different viscosities in our online shop or read more about builder gels here.

Contemporary Nail Design

A fresh and modern nail design is for a really fashion focused women imporant like the correct lipstick for the right event. To get a good contemporary nail design you can use differnt kinds of gel which are differnt in usage and work.

1-Phase Gel

Who doesn't like saving themselves time and effort?! 1-phase gel is a primer, builder gel and sealer in one. Spend less time preparing and more time letting your creativity run wild. Find out how it works and some things to consider in our detailed explanation on 1-phase gels.

French Gel

Since 1975, French gel has been the absolute classic in the world of nail design. Find numerous creation ideas and stylish French nail designs here. For beginners, we recommend our short introduction to French gel.

French Adhesive Gel

The perfect base for fresh colours that last and match any outfit! That's what our French adhesive gels have to offer. Read here how to create first-class French nails in no time at all. What is French adhesive gel?

French Nails

So-called French nails are timeless: They always look good, they suit every style and outfit and they are subtle and natural-looking. Learn more about the history of the French look and find everything you need for the perfect French look in your Nails Factory online shop. Learn how to make your French nails the centre of attention and how to take proper care of them.

French Manicure

French manicure is a classic and specific form of nail art, which will probably never go out of fashion. Learn how to get your nails into shape in a few steps and discover essentials products for your nail designs in our online shop. Find out more about french manicure.

French Tips

Still searching for artistic French-style nails for your individual look? Take this opportunity to check out our French tips and order yourself some new tips in our online shop today! What's the difference between normal tips and French tips?

Gel Fingernails

Gel fingernails are ideal for everyday use. The design possibilities are endless and, with the right accessories, you can apply the nails yourself at home. Learn more about gel nails here and then take a look in our shop for the accessories you need, at low prices, to create beautiful gel fingernails at home.

Gel Nail Polish

With a high-quality gel nail polish fingernails become small works of art and really accentuate your look. Find out more about the different forms, colours and variations of gel nail polishes and, whether you are ordering for a nail salon or home use, find what you're looking for in our online store. If you want to learn more about the application and use of gel nail polish, we recommend the following page, which deals exclusively with UV gel nail polish.

Glitter Powder

Glitter powder is an indispensable element of nail design. It allows for many different forms of nail art and has well and truly established itself in the world of nail design. Find out more about glitter powder and how to use it here.

Vanity Case

Vanity cases offer a stylish and practical storage solution for your mobile nail salon. Find out more about the versatility and attractive design details of vanity cases here.

Artificial Nails

Artificial fingernails are more than just a modern fashion accessory. Only a lucky few women are blessed with long and strong natural fingernails. Find out more about the modelling of artificial nails and how easy they are to apply. Find out more about artificial fingernails here.

Curing Device

Use a curing device for quick and easy nail design implementations. It ensures optimised curing of the gels used in nail modelling. Find out more here and order your model at an affordable price online now. Find out more about UV curing lamps here.

Make Up Brush Set

For everything from accentuated eyes to a feminine pout. Our make up brushes provide you with an extensive set for your complexion. Find out more about the high-quality workmanship which goes into our sets and order yours online now from the Nails Factory Shop!

Metallic UV Gels

Classy, glamorous and subtle at the same time: Metallic UV gels are perfect for any occasion. The fine metallic pigments in the gel make your nail designs sparkle and dazzle in the light. In our nail design shop you will find a wide range of metallic UV gels that will accentuate your individual look. Find out more about the application and use of metallic UV gels here.

Nail Brush

Clean, hygienic fingernails are the basis for beautiful, long-lasting nail designs. Find out more about nail brushes here. They considerably reduce cleaning time and make it significantly easier to apply fresh new colours.

Nail Design

From classic polish and French nails to tattoos and stickers – the possibilities are endless when it comes to nail design. The easiest way for anyone to accentuate their outfits and looks. Our online shop has a wide range of products at top prices, for all of your nail art needs. Want to find out more? Then check out our nail design tips here.

Nail Gel

High-quality nail gel enables you to achieve gorgeous nail extensions. Learn more about two particular methods of nail design and discover a wide range of high-quality nail gels at exclusive prices in our online shop.

Cuticle Scissors

Did you know that our cuticles provide effective protection against bacteria and take care of the sensitive root of the nail? Read more about the function of our cuticles and find out why trimming the skin with special cuticle scissors is still important.

Cuticle Pusher

A cuticle pusher is essential for a professional manicure. Find out more about the practical tool here. In our shop you will find a wide selection of high-quality nail design accessories at reasonable prices. And here is some information on how to use cuticle pushers.

Nail Polish

Painted nails are more popular than ever and there are countless ways of creating dreamy nails – learn how to apply nail polish like a pro for long-lasting results and discover nail polishes and other accessories in our online shop.

Nail Oil

Nail oil plays an important role when it comes to taking care of your nails. It strengthens the nails and helps brittle nails to get strong and beautiful. Applying nail oil should therefore be an essential part of your everyday manicure routine. For more information on nail care and oils visit the following nail oil page.

Nail Accessories

Fingernails serve an important protective function and have particularly complex needs when it comes to nail care. With the right techniques and appropriate nail accessories, a lot of fingernail damage and diseases can be prevented.

Nail Stamp Templates

Express your personality with high-quality nail art and nail stamp templates. Find out more about the numerous nail design possibilities and order products for your favourite looks quickly and conveniently in our online shop. 


The world of nail design offers many possibilities for individual styling, whether plain or fancy, there is something for every taste. Ranging from elegant French nails to accessories for crazy creations, our online shop has a wide selection of high-quality products for dreamlike nail art & nails.

Nail Art

So-called nail art offers numerous ways to customise your fingernails in a creative way. From the classic French manicure and fancy nail tattoos to dreamy shimmer effects – learn more about nail art and find high-quality products in our Nails Factory Shop.

Nail Art Glitter

Nail art glitter allows you to personalise and accentuate your nail designs. Find out more about this method of embellishing your nails and browse the wide range of colours in the Nails Factory Shop in to find the right glitter nail art for you.

Nail Art Nail Salon

Do you run a nail art nail salon? Take a look at some design ideas you might like to use for your nail studio. Read more about our extensive range of nail art products for the salon.

Nail Art Stickers

Nail stickers accentuate your nail designs perfectly. They are characterized by their great diversity and ease of application. Learn more about the countless nail design combinations made possible by nail stickers.

Nail Art Nail Stickers

Nail art stickers are perfect for letting your creativity run free and skilfully accentuating your individuality. Find out the best way of integrating high-quality nail art stickers into your manicure and discover a wide range of fabulous stickers in our online shop.

Nail Design

A high-quality nail design is of ever greater importance in the life of the modern woman. Your want your nails to match your look and but also to turn heads. Find high-quality nail design products in our online shop.

Nail Primer

Nail primers form the basis for long-lasting, radiant nails. Learn more about bonding agents here and get the most out of your colours and styles. You will find a range of bonding agents, or primers which you can quite happily use at home for your nail designs.

Nail Set

With our well-equipped nail sets, professionals and beginners alike get there money’s worth. Discover here, just how easy it is to give your customers or friends the latest nail trends. Want to learn more about nail starter kits? Then check out the world of possibilities open to you with a nail starter kit.

Nail Salon

You want your own personal nail salon at home so you can take care of your own nail art? With the high-quality products in our online shop you can let your creativity run wild and let your hands shine. Find out more...

Pedicure Set

Well-kept toenails are an absolute must in the summer. Taking care of your nails at home is easy with a pedicure kit. Learn more about pedicures and find manicure and pedicure kits in our shop.

Filing Sleeves

You like changing your nail designs frequently to keep up with the latest trends? Then get your hands on some of our sanding bands and make your life a whole lot easier. Learn more about different grits and read important instructions regarding the use of filing sleeves.

Make Up Sets

The right make up set is essential for professional-looking make up. The brush plays a particularly important role here, and there are plenty of different brush types for all kinds of different uses – all working together for that perfect beauty look.

Soak Off Polishes

Versatile design options, outstanding durability, easy to remove: Soak Off nail polish is the perfect choice for you if you frequently change your nail styles to match your outfits. We offer a wide selection of high-quality Soak Off nail polishes at the Nails Factory shop in many classic and trendy colours.

Stamp Templates for Nails

For everything from trendy nails to classic, elegant nail designs. Our stamp templates for your nails are easy to use, multifaceted and guaranteed to enrich your look. Learn more about stamping methods and get inspiration for extravagant styles here. Interested in stamp templates?

Thermo Colour Gel

Thermo gels offer multifaceted nail designs and are available in many gorgeous colours. Do you prefer the classy business look or are you more of a casual chic girl? With thermo colour gels you always stand out from the crowd. Find out here just how easy thermo colour gels are to use.

White Nail Files

White Nails Files are used for a really hygienic and professional impression and working atmosphere. The white nail files make a good impression to new customer and also it looks more nice when the file is white like the nail dust.

Zebra Nail Files

Zebra Nail Files are the real allrounder and can be used for nearly all usage in the nail decoration filed. They look really nice and make a good mix between really "hygienic" and a bit more hip.